Lecavalier and Tortorella: The Odd Couple

Is it me or have Tampa Bay’s Vincent Lecavalier and coach John Tortorella been fighting for ages?
Their most recent dust-up was over Tortorella benching the very sensitive Lecavalier for not doing his part in the defensive zone. Lecavalier complained to the press.
It seems the three constants in Lecavalier’s career are 1) wanting out of Tampa but management refusing to trade him; 2) not getting along with Tortorella; and 3) not playing up to his potential.
Hopefully, Lecavalier isn’t counting on Tortorella getting fired over this. Everyone in Tampa loves Tortorella, an offensive-minded coach who knows how to get a lot out of a relatively small payroll (17th in the NHL).
And even if Lightning management wasn’t 100% crazy in love with Tortorella, they’d probably hold on to him if for no other reason then to keep him from coaching the Rangers. Right this very second, as I’m typing, Tampa is ninth in the East in points, tied with the Rangers. Tampa just doesn’t need to make the race for those final few spots any tighter.