Night of a Thousand Fights

I love NHL Center Ice and all, but I sometimes wish there was something more powerful. Something that could bring in AHL games. You know. Because of games like this one.
Picture it. Philadelphia playing Binghamton. Less than four minutes to go. Suddenly, a goalie (Binghamton’s Ray Emery) and a forward (Philadelphia’s Mike Peluso) start fighting. Even more suddenly still, the ice erupts. When the dust clears, 332 minutes of penalties are handed out in the third.
I can’t even imagine what it must have looked like. After Emery was kicked out of the game, his backup Billy Thompson was bounced. So Emery got to come back.
It was madness. Don’t let anyone ever tell you minor league hockey is dull.
The B-Sens beat the Phantoms 5-1, by the way.