Fleury Can’t Clear

So what lesson do we learn from the World Juniors?
That pucks are bouncy?
The US came from behind to beat the Canadians on a freak Marc-Andre Fleury clearing attempt. I’ve seen the replay quite a few times tonight and I’m still not sure what the puck actually caught on. It kind of looks like it just fell out of the sky.
No one is blaming Fleury for the loss, but you kind of have to wonder if his odd NHL season factored into his play in the third period of the gold medal game.
The Penguins were so, so, so hot for him that they brought him up to the NHL early and then realized they couldn’t really afford to pay him his bonuses. They talked about sending him back to juniors before deciding to send him to play in the World Juniors. So he’s been wanted and unwanted while playing behind what has to be one of the worst teams ever to take the ice.
Would Fleury have handled the World Juniors differently if he was coming up in a more deliberate, controlled manner? I kind of think so. In Pittsburgh he’s a big draw but isn’t really expected to perform. It’s a confusing dichotomy.
But the Penguins don’t think it is.
Their denial strategy is always in effect.
Speaking of the Penguins, can we stop counting shut outs over them as shut outs?
The Leafs beat them 5-0. Yawn. Maybe teams should start spotting the Penguins points.