Cam Neely Night

Last night was Cam Neely night in Boston.
I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that makes Neely so special to Boston. Not that he wasn’t a great player. His numbers speak for themself. The love Boston has for Neely transcends statistics, though.
The best reason I can come up with is that Boston fans love anyone who loves Boston. Neely loved playing in Boston and loved being a Bruin. And it was pretty easy to see that, too.
I like to think that Neely, had his career not been shortened by injuries, would have stayed in Boston for the rest of his career. I’m sure Bruins fans like to think that, too. So while Bruin heroes like Ray Borque, Phil Esposito, and even Bobby Orr, finished their career in other uniforms, Neely never got the chance to turn his back on Boston. Sure, Neely’s decision to leave hockey as a Bruin wasn’t entirely his decision, but it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is that Neely left hockey as a Bruin.
And I really can’t think of a more perfect time for Cam Neely Night, a night honoring Boston loyalty, then on the day former Boston Red Sock Roger Clemens, who many Red Sox fans thought should have ended his career in Boston, announced he’s coming out of retirement to pitch for the Astros.
It’s just cosmic symmetry.
Oh. And Boston came from behind to beat Buffalo 4-3.