Underperforming in Philly and Dallas

Yee haw! It’s time for the underperformance roundup!
First stop Dallas, where Bill Guerin has cooled after a hot start.
Mike Modano is out with a groin injury so everyone is saying Guerin needs to step-up. Like Modano was doing anything before the injury.
The thing is, Dallas can publicly and privately complain about Guerin all they want. I can’t think of a team that’s willing to take on his huge salary &#151 especially with a possible lockout next season. So they’re stuck with him. The sooner they realize that, the sooner things will be easier for everyone.
Next stop on the underperforming express: Philadelphia! Coach Ken Hitchcock was pretty mad after two home losses. He got all Doctor Phil with the Flyers, telling them to play hard or suffer the consequences.
Every time something like this happens, I say the Flyers are starting to tune out the tough Hitchcock. But then the Flyer ship usually rights itself. So this time, I’m not saying anything. Just to see what happens.
Uh oh. Pittsburgh beat the Flyers last night. Hitchcock isn’t going to like that.