Flyers Flying Low

Yo. What the heck is going on in Philadelphia?
Four losses in a row?
Monday night to the horrible Penguins and Tuesday to Buffalo, 6-2.
Not only is there no defense in Philadelphia, something deadly to a defensive-driven team like the Flyers, but discipline is rapidly leaving.
Exhibit A: Jeremy Roenick chucking his water bottle at a ref over a noncall.
Exhibit B: Roenick implicating coach Ken Hitchcock in the slumps of Justin Williams and Simon Gagne.
And speaking of Roenick, who as the emotional core of the Flyers really is the key to all of this, can Nick Nolte play him in the movie or what?
If Hitchcock wants to get the Flyers back, he’s really got to go through Roenick. Roenick never really bought into Hitchcock’s system. Its accounted for a lot of the Flyers spotty play (that and horrible goaltending). Hitchcock can’t get the Flyers on his side without Roenick.
Maybe they need to work on a project together. An activity like building a birdhouse can build teamwork, too.