Winnipeg Jets Part II?; Ducks Win! in ’04

According to the Winnipeg Sun, a mystery American team, not the Penguins, is interested in maybe coming to Winnipeg.
If I had to guess, I’d say Phoenix, but they already left there once, didn’t they? They probably couldn’t ask to come home. Especially since bossman Wayne Gretzky seems pretty comfortable in the warm Arizona sun.
If attendance figures are any indication, Nashville wouldn’t be a bad guess. Anaheim might also be an interesting theory since Disney is long-rumored to be trying to unload the Ducks.
Speaking of the Ducks, they won their first game of 2004, beating Vancouver 2-1 Saturday night (l:laexaminer;p:laexaminer).
For a team that was supposed to be considered offensive when the season started, they looked like the freaking Wild during the game’s last few minutes. I don’t think a defenseman was more than a foot away from the front of the net the whole third period.
So even though Winnipeg really wants a team back, maybe they want to be a little pickier about who they let up. I’m pretty sure I’d rather have a strong AHL team then the Columbus Blue Jackets.
But that’s just me.