Wanted: Defenseman. Anybody. Please?

The Flyers are so crazy.
With defensemen Dennis Seidenberg and Eric Desjardins injured (Desjardins was actually taken out by teammate Jeremy Roenick), the Flyers are in the market for a defenseman. A top defenseman.
I don’t know. There just aren’t that many extra defenseman lying around. David Tanabe just went down in Phoenix. If a playoff spot gets more certain for them, you can bet they’ll also be in the market for a top defenseman. Plus, the Rangers are without defenseman Greg de Vries and possibly without Darius Kasparaitis, who was hurt in yesterday’s loss to the Bruins. They might have to shop for some defensive talent, too.
So the Flyers have really better be prepared to give up something good for a top defenseman. Because they’re really at a premium.
I’m kind of thinking that with Keith Primeau back in the lineup, the Flyers might trade away Mike Comrie. He was never a perfect fit anyway.
Ironically, the Flyers gave up defensive prospect Jeff Woywitka for Comrie. The Flyers could end up getting rid of Comrie and getting less in return.
Although the Islanders always have defenseman Roman Hamrlik on the block. And they sure could use a playmaker like Comrie. But would two Eastern teams help each other out like that?
It’s a tough league out there.