Hull Scores!

Finally! Brett Hull scored, ending his 20-game scoring drought.
Somewhat ironically, his streak ended against the Kings, where former teammate Luc Robitaille ended up after his scoring touch abandoned him last season.
I have to say, it’s been pretty brutal watching Hull’s scoring touch disappear for those 20 games. It just didn’t seem natural. Everyone throws around the term natural scorer, but is there a more natural scorer currently playing? There’s just something perfect about seeing Hull in one of the face-off circles, crouched down, stick wound back, getting ready to rocket a puck into the net.
Hopefully, Hull will go back to his natural scoring ways.
The Wings ended up beating the Kings 5-4. (Or as Dr. Seuss might say: “The Wings beat the Kings. The score was 5-4.”)
In other Detroit news, the city’s hate affair with Sergei Fedorov shows no signs of going away. Here’s a Free Press article on reports that Fedorov isn’t doing enough in Anaheim. I guess the proof would be that Anaheim made the playoffs last season without him, and don’t look very likely to do it this season, with him.