Rangers Continue Slide

The Rangers sure are struggling. They looked horrible in their loss to the Flyers last night.
One possible way to stop the slide? Think like a small market team and load up one line with all of the Rangers talent.

    Start with Lindros. Give him two offensive wingers. Whoever’s hot. It could be Kovalev, Martin Rucinsky or Anson Carter.
    It doesn’t matter who, really.
    Just give him some time with two good wingers. There’s no need to worry about match-ups.
    During the Jan. 19 Boston loss, Mike Sullivan always put Bruin superstar Joe Thornton on against the Lindros line, thinking they would be easier to play against than the Holik line. Lindros ended up beating Thornton out of the game in the second by breaking his cheekbone. Lindros can take care of himself. Once Sather has a top line, he just needs to give them lots of ice time. If someone isn’t performing, or someone else gets hot, he moves him in and out of that top line. This way, players know the better they play, the more ice they’ll see.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.