Fleury Failing and Penguins Are Loving It

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette looks in on goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and his contract. While it’s long been said that the Penguins would send Fleury down to the minors before he could cash in on his contract’s “easily attainable” incentives, it now seems those incentives are neither easy nor attainable for someone playing behind the woeful Penguins.
Fleury needs things like a 3.25 goals against average, a .890 save percentage, 20 victories, and four shut-outs. He doesn’t need all of those &#151 just two over 25 appearances of at least 20 minutes. Coming out of Pittsburgh’s 5-3 loss to the Penguins, Fleury has a 3.56 GAA, one shutout and just four wins. All he’s got going for him is his .898 save percentage.
The Penguins are concerned about having to possibly pay Fleury $3 million in bonuses. That’s fair. It’s a lot of money to them. But they should probably be more concerned that they’re destroying their franchise goalie. The fact that this talented goalie can’t make these basic incentives is not a good thing. The Penguins are going to end up saving money and losing their goalie. Until his career is resurrected with another team, meaning the Penguins are happy about the prospect of getting nothing for nothing.