Return of the Macks

It’s a big week, or at least time of season, for NHL comebacks.
The Thrashers suddenly announced Dany Heatley’s return to the line-up. He’ll be back Wednesday night.
Meanwhile, over in Detroit, they’re getting ready for the return of Dominik Hasek, out since December. They’re expecting Hasek back in just a few weeks. Right as Joseph is starting to sag in goal. Of course, if the Wings thought it was tough dealing Joseph when he was an unknown quantity, they’re going to love trying to deal him while he struggles. And what sucks is that even if he gets back to the form he had in December when he took over for Hasek, he’s still getting dealt. All he can hope for is that Hasek is playing even worse.
If this season had a catchphrase, I think it would be ‘poor CuJo.’