Your Night Comes with a Night Off

I love the NHL’s new program of honoring active players who aren’t playing that night.
First, the Devils had Scott Stevens Night without him (he’s out with some sort of post-concussion syndrome).
Now, the Phoenix Coyotes are having Brian Boucher Night on an evening when Boucher isn’t starting. The Coyotes are having a little pre-game ceremony to honor Boucher’s breaking the modern-day shut-out streak.
Meanwhile, Sean Burke, who started the season as the Coyotes starting goalie, has basically resigned himself to being a back-up. It’s probably easier to deal with when you know you’re going to be dealt any second. Depending upon what Phoenix gets back in return, they could really be catapulted from a bubble team to a solid team. And a solid team with a hot goalie can go all the way to the finals, as the Ducks showed us last season.
There’s a lot of talent out there that can be had for a solid goalie. Me? I’m still kind of thinking the Flyers might deal Mike Comrie for a goalie. You know. Once Tony Amonte is healthy.