Bondra and Zhamnov Moving?

Where is Peter Bondra going?
Who knows. Just about every team is rumored to land him. But it seems the strongest murmurings are coming out of Ottawa.
Bondra with the Senators is a pretty scary thought. The Senators are just so freaking balanced. Every line can kill you. The one thing holding them back? They’re not always physical or aggressive. They don’t have that killer instinct. I’m not sure if Bondra would add that, either.
In other potential trade news, the Blackhawks said they won’t be able to sign Alex Zhamnov to a new contract, so they’re going to have to trade him. On the one hand, it’s sad that Chicago can’t hold onto their captain. On the other hand, I like that the Hawks are sticking to their guns and passing on a player they can’t afford just to sign him. Team owners need to learn self-control. It’s the only way to realistically keep salaries down.