Burke a Flyer; Comrie a Coyote

Geez. After all the denials and the rumors and the intrigue, Phoenix goalie Sean Burke is a Flyer.
The Flyers also got forward Branko Radivojevic and prospect Ben Eager. In return, Phoenix got Mike Comrie.
I almost hate to point out that I predicted Comrie would move a couple of weeks ago.
Then I remembered I’m never right, so it seemed like I should take advantage.
Burke is going to be huge for the Flyers. He’s looking to prove himself so he’s going to be as sharp as a tack. The Flyers will be pumped to finally have a solid goalie, so they’ll continue to play well. And best of all, with the season winding down, Burke can stay hot into the playoffs.
Sadly, Flyer goalie Jeff Hackett retired due to his vertigo. His retirement is what made this deal possible.
And let’s not forget Phoenix. Comrie is no slouch. He could be just the offensive touch they need but never seem able to land. Perhaps Comrie can finish the job Flyer Tony Amonte couldn’t even really start in Phoenix.
Is there anything more exciting than a big trade?