Comrie Rocking the West Again

The Coyotes are very psyched about Mike Comrie.
He missed Tuesday’s practice but was able to make it for last night’s game against the Ducks. Comrie looked sharp as hell, too. He was dishing the puck like he was doing yo-yo tricks. Sadly, Anaheim seemed to score every time Phoenix did.
Comrie is really going to be an impact player for Phoenix, though. Whereas the East was just too constricting for Comrie’s broad passes, the West, where he came from, is juuuust right. The conventional wisdom on Phoenix was always that they lacked a finisher, maybe all this time they were a team of finishers lacking a set-up man.
Comrie finished the night with two assists in a 5-3 loss to the Ducks. Now Phoenix is up against the clock. Comrie has to start clicking like right now, if Phoenix is going to climb seven points in the standings to that eighth seed.
Me thinks a few Western teams on the bubble are definitely going to be checking their rearview mirror every few periods.