Irbe Back in the NHL

The Hurricanes are recalling goalie Arturs Irbe from the ECHL.
Irbe was making millions to play against kids and old timers. Now, for some reason, the Hurricanes want another look at him.
According to the News & Observer some teams, including the New York Rangers, have expressed an interest in Irbe, so this call-up could be a showcase.
I had never heard this, but apparently Irbe’s teammates hated him so much, Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford banished him to the minors. I thought Irbe was sent down because his playing was so horrible. I never really got Irbe. Sure he led his team to the Stanley Cup finals but everyone seems to forget that Irbe was pulled in the first round against the Devils. The Hurricanes needed Kevin Weekes to get past New Jersey. That just doesn’t scream franchise goalie to me.
Oh well. It looks like he’ll finally be someone elses problem. Why? I have no idea. There just aren’t enough good goalies. Former St. Louis Blues goalie Brent Johnson, currently in the minors, should get the nod back up to the NHL any day now.