Senator Bondra

So the Senators got Peter Bondra from the Capitals.
I know they wanted him really badly, but I really thought another Eastern team would make a stronger bid for him. Call it the A-Rod strategy. While it’s great to have Bondra, it’s even better for a strong team, like the Senators, not to have him.
In fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m shocked another team didn’t make a big play for Bondra just to keep him away from the already deep Senators.
Maybe it’s time for George Steinbrenner to run a hockey club.
Oh. And Bondra said he was shocked to be traded. How is that possible? How can you play for the Capitals and be shocked when you’re traded? If you play hockey in DC and have any kind of skill, you’re going to be traded away. It’s practically a rule.