Francis and Quenneville Fired

Wow. Everyone out west is getting fired.
The Phoenix Coyotes fired Bob Francis.
His assistant, Rick Bowness, will take over.
I was kind of suprised. I thought Francis was pretty entrenched in Phoenix. I suspect he may have been a little too good for his own good, though. Phoenix really looked like they were going to push their way into the playoffs earlier in the season. But Mike Comrie didn’t turn out to be the difference-maker the rest of the organization probably wanted him to be. Ultimately, Francis would probably still be coaching if his team hadn’t almost made the playoffs. I still think Phoenix is going to be a real force next season, assuming there is a next season. If Phoenix upgrades their blue line, they’re pretty set.
Meanwhile, just a little above Phoenix in the standings, the St. Louis Blues fired Joe Quenneville. His assistant, Mike Kitchen, is taking over.
Quenneville was up against a lot this season. Injuries and the specter of all of those early playoff exits.
Jeff Gordon says Quenneville’s goose was cooked when the Blues let Vancouver come back from three games down in last year’s playoffs.
St. Louis is two points behind the Kings and Predators for the eighth seed and only three behind Dallas and Calgary for the fifth seed. The West is super tight. Anything can really happen. It’ll be interesting to see what Coach Kitchen has cooking.