Announcers, Elevators, and Bowman. Oh My.

The Detroit Free Press has a cool article about Budd Lynch, the PA announcer for the Wings’ Joe Louis Arena.
Lynch has been announcing at the Joe for the past 55 seasons.
It’s a great story and he seems like a great guy. And geez he’s seen a lot of hockey. According to the story, he’s seen more live Red Wings game than even the great Jack Adams and Gordie Howe. And if you’ve done anything more than Gordie Howe, that’s a pretty great accomplishment.
Unless it’s something stupid, like arranging flowers or seeing Meg Ryan movies. Then it’s not such a great accomplishment.
In other media news, radio play-by-player Dean Brown got stuck in an elevator during the third period of a Senators game he was supposed to be calling.
That sucks.
And finally, in semi-Detroit-related news, Scotty Bowman said he doesn’t want to return to coaching. I’ve heard rumors that given enough money and the right situation, Bowman would be happy to return to the bench. So take it with a grain of salt.