Dallas: ‘How Are We Supposed to Know When Contracts Expire?’

I’m not sure why this is coming out now, but apparently Dallas Star ownership approached Bill Guerin and Mike Modano and asked them to defer salary so the team could re-sign defenseman Derian Hatcher.
Both said ‘no thank you.’
OK. Maybe I do have an idea why this came out. Maybe this is CBA jockeying. Maybe it’s a way for management to show the public how they want to give the players huge salaries, but they can’t afford to. And when they ask other players to help pay the huge salaries, even teammates won’t kick in.
I guess the public isn’t supposed to think about how it was no surprise Hatcher’s contract was expiring and the Stars could have just offered Guerin less money the season before, actually planning for their own future.
Just something to think about.