Rangers Torture Fans

Another Rangers-Islanders match-up, another Rangers blowout. Sure, it doesn’t make sense. The Rangers can’t beat anyone but the Islanders. But at least the Rangers have some team’s number.
The real victim of the Ranger’s awful season, though?
The fans:

    You can find any number of reasons for the loss and you can blame any number of people, but in the end, it comes down to Cablevision not wanting to improve their product. Imagine if GM or Honda had a product as defective as the Rangers. Cars would be exploding. Tires would be square. Engines would be hamster powered. Investors would riot because the public would simply refuse to buy these horrible cars, perhaps called Sathermatics.
    So why is it any different with Cablevision’s hockey product? Cablevision is cutting corners because their bottom line presumably doesn’t need a Stanley Cup. But a Stanley Cup, or even a first-round playoff appearance, is what the fans want.

GM Glen Sather stepped down as coach, but that’s probably just not enough.