Satan Splitting?

After all of last season’s rumors that Miroslav Satan was out Buffalo’s door and after Satan’s struggles at the beginning of this season and after Satan’s regaining his strong form, the trade rumors are back.
Satan, long rumored to be wanting out of Buffalo, seems to have made his peace with the Sabres, doing a victory lap in what he seemed to think could be his final Buffalo appearance in a Sabres uniform.
Where could Satan be going? Who knows. Anywhere. Everywhere. I thought Sergei Gonchar was heading for Tampa. Then he went to Boston. I’m going with Tampa again.
Also, the Flames put goalie Roman Turek on waivers. If that had happened a few days ago, I would have said there’s no way anyone will take the constantly struggling goalie. But then St. Louis was actually able to trade away Brent Johnson, their constantly struggling goalie. So apparently one team’s trash is another team’s treasure. In the future, all NHL trades will take place through ebay. Mark my words.