Pronger Piling On; Carter a King

Do you believe this?
Chris Pronger wants to be dealt to the Senators.
Does he feel they don’t have enough good players in Ottawa?
That’s just piling on the other teams now.
And seriously. St. Louis is still holding on to that last seed. At least as I type this they are. So St. Louis needs him. Even if they can’t afford to qualify his almost $10 million salary this summer.
In other trade deadline news, Anson Carter was traded from Washington to LA.
With all of Washington’s purging, I was sort of shocked Carter’s name wasn’t popping up, mostly because he’s a Capital people have heard of, meaning he’s a Capital they’re going to trade.
Carter’s a great fit in LA. Mostly because of his personality. Carter’s time in New York was all about clubs and celebrities. He even did photo shoots. Now he’s got another chance to hang with the truly famous. Not the CSPAN crowd he was stuck with.
I’m pretty shocked the Caps didn’t move Mike Grier, though. He’s a great two-way forward. I can imagine a lot of teams wouldn dig his grit and his skills. Maybe the Caps didn’t want to give him up?
Ottawa rolled over the Caps last night, by the way.
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