Liles and Gratton: A Closer Look

The Rocky Mountain News focuses on rookie defenseman John-Michael Liles, a key part of Colorado’s blueline.
Interestingly, despite Colorado’s veteran-laden line-up, they actually have some rookies. In addition to Liles, there’s Steve Moore, famously attacked last week, and Cody McCormick, all of whom have played over half the season for the Avs.
Over in the Denver Post, they take a look at recent aquisition Chris Gratton. Gratton never really turned into the impact power-forward everyone thought he would be. But he’s still big as hell. And that’s handy. So are his faceoff skills. Once Peter Forsberg is back, Gratton will probably shift to the wing but take faceoffs. So he’ll be a centerwing.
Bam! I just coined that. Don’t be using that without sending me some money.