Jumping the Gun; Caps Worse as a Whole

We’re going to jump the gun and give this postseason’s JUMPING THE GUN award to ESPN’s Bill Clement and Gary Thorn.
Nashville was up 1-0 on Detroit in the second when the two, discussing Predator goalie Tomas Vokoun, both started breaking out the G word. You know Giguere. As in Jean-Sebastien Giguere, the Anaheim goalie who was a brick wall during last year’s playoffs. But Giguere was hot as anything going into the playoffs, while Vokoun’s last shut-out was Feb. 26.
The amazing thing about Giguere wasn’t that he played one or two solid periods. The amazing thing was that he did it for over two months. It’s just absurd to draw the comparison after two periods. And even more absurd to do it after Vokoun gave up three goals in the third. And yet AP and the Detroit Free Press both compared the two goalies.
So as you may have figured out, the Wings beat Nashville 3-1 in game one.
Nashville was fast and furious, but people always forget Detroit’s balance and depth. They don’t get tired. They roll four lines, with just about every forward getting in the 15 minute range of ice time (except for Steve Thomas for some reason), and just wait for the other team to get tired. It’s easy to shut down one or two lines, but Nashville is going to have to shut down all four lines if they want to spill the Red Wings’ apple cart.
And here’s some food for thought. Robert Lang had a goal for the Wings. Sergei Gonchar and Michael Nylander both had goals in Boston’s 3-0 game one win over Montreal. All three are former Washington Capitals. So how were the Caps such a bad team? Was there too much talent?