Brodeur Looking Human

Have you noticed how the Devils are down three games to one to the Flyers?
The Devils aren’t scoring, which never helps in the playoffs.
But goalie Martin Brodeur also hasn’t been looking sharp:

    He’s playing like he’s not seeing the puck. He’s playing like someone who might have a neck injury. He’s not the Brodeur of seasons past, though. Something is wrong. In Game Two last Saturday, he couldn’t stop an Alexei Zhamnov jam-in because he started the play with his back to the Flyers offense. Why would he use his whole body to track a puck when he can just turn his head? Why take himself out of position without a pressing need? My theory is it’s his neck. My back-up theory is some kind of eye infection. Whatever the cause, though, the Devils are hydroplaning on weakened goaltending and a disappearing offense.

Obviously this is all just a theory. Brodeur could be healthy as a horse and just playing a little off. He’s human. And even playing at 75%, he’s still better than most goalies in the league.