Lucky Langdon

I’ve been saying there’s something to Montreal keeping the gritty Darren Langdon in the line-up. There’s just something he’s bringing, mostly in terms of luck or energy, that really propels the Canadiens.
Saturday night, he even scored a goal, helping the Habs beat Boston 5-2 to force a game seven.
It was Langdon’s first goal in over two years.
Coach Claude Julien is finally realizing that when the playoffs come, certain players make the team better, just by being in the line-up. It’s not that Langdon is a great player. He’s just a great player for Montreal right now.
Yanic Perreault, who’s also occasionally been a healthy scratch during the playoffs, also had a goal Saturday night.
In Montreal, it’s not about lines and Xs and Os. It’s about energy.