Boo-in the Bruins

In honor of Boston’s loss to the Canadiens, ESPN’s Page Two has a nice list of some of the Stanley Cup playoffs’ other notable choke jobs.
Michael Holley at the Boston Globe says GM Mike O’Connell walks the plank for this. O’Connell is always rumored to be on his way out, though, with the Devils’ Lou Lamoriello always rumored to be on the way in. Someone will be right one day, eventually.
I think you have to blame coach Mike Sullivan, though. The injured Joe Thornton averaged over 20 minutes per game. He was injured, though. That was way too much ice time for him. Plus, it took away ice time from someone healthier. Thornton played less than 15 minutes in game one. That should have been his average time over the series. I can think of worse things than having Thornton on a third line. It would have taken the pressure off Thornton and given Patrice Bergeron or Michael Nylander a chance to dominate. Ultimately, Sullivan believed in Thornton too much and the rest of his team not enough.
Kevin Paul Dupont, also from the Globe says the Bruins needed an energy player. I seem to recall their unceremoniously unloading one earlier in the season &#151 PJ Stock, now with the Philadelphia Phantoms.