Red Beard Rides Again

Am I imagining things, or does everyone on a successful Calgary team look the same?
Exhibit A is Lanny McDonald, the captain of the 1989 Cup-winning Calgary team. He looks something like this.
Now let’s fast-forward to now.
This is goalie Miikka Kiprusoff. He looks like this.
Also from the present-day Flames, this is rugged Calgary defenseman Mike Commodore, who was really worked over by Patrick Marleau Sunday. Commodore looks like this.
So as you can see, the successful Calgary franchise has a red-bearded guy.
Of course, that didn’t help the Flames last night against the Sharks. The Flames lost 3-zip. The series is now two games to one, Flames.
I didn’t see all of that game but I think it’s fairly obvious they both need more guys with bushy red beards.