Team Canada’s World Cup Roster Announced

I don’t want to get too into Canada’s picks for the World Cup because you should really wait to see a team before you judge it.
Having said that, though. how can you pick Shane Doan over Keith Primeau (; p:philly)? I know Doan played well with Kris Draper and Kirk Maltby in last year’s world championships, but why not try to upgrade a little bit? Why not get an extra center, like Primeau, just in case someone goes down?
You just have to wonder if Doan is in this position because his regular season boss, Wayne Gretzky, is running Team Canada.
You also have to wonder how Mario Lemieux can justify playing for Team Canada. He played just 10 games this season. Does he really think he can play in the World Cup this summer and then in the regular season? Or is he betting that there will be a lockout next season? Or maybe I just want Lemieux to finally choose between Pittsburgh and Canada. Which is it Mario? Who do you love more?
Here’s the full Team Canada roster. Tim Panaccio says the Canadians are choosing big players to clog the ice, like the Americans did in 1996. So don’t worry about missing obstruction over the summer. It sounds like hockey fans will get plenty of chances to see the best of the best clutch-and-grab on the international stage.
Jes Golbez talks about the World Cup picks on his new hockey blog. Check it out.