Turek is Never a Good Sign

You know it’s pretty bad when you’re a goalie and you’re pulled for Roman Turek.
That’s what happened to Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff Sunday in the Flames’ 4-2 loss to the Sharks.
Kiprusoff looked positively sick in goal. But in a way it’s good for the Flames. When a goalie has a game that awful, he can only get better. An average performance seems almost harder to overcome since you’re always worried about making things worse. An implosion like Kiprusoff’s is very fixable, though. He just has to put the loss behind him and make some notes about the shortest route to the front of the net. He seemed to get lost sometimes.
Eric Francis says the Flames need to sit Chris Simon, the human penalty machine.
Simon has been pretty bad in this series, but he runs very hot and cold. I’d almost be willing to risk the penalties he attracts if it means he heats up for a few goals. The Flames have nothing to lose but the Cup.