Flyers Win the Cup! Or They Did. 30 Years Ago.

Tonight the Flyers are simply trying to extend their series with Tampa one more game. Then it becomes a best of one series.
Who knows if Flyers GM Bobby Clarke, never the most balanced fellow, talked to the team about his experience 30 years ago yesterday, when the Flyers won their first Stanley Cup.
Of course, that Flyers team was coached by the great Freddy “The Fog” Shero, the coach who was really more of an anti-coach. Shero was given to cryptic messages on the quote board and would sometimes have his team spend hours practicing going over the boards. There was method to his madness, though. In his book about coaching, SHERO, THE MAN BEHIND THE SYSTEM, he talked about doing things like that to make the players forget the pressure of the game.
Current Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock is more about never letting players forget the pressure of the game. We’ll see how it works out tonight.