Lecavalier Succeeds in Failure

Going this deep into the playoffs might be the best thing that ever happened to Tampa’s Vinny Lecavalier.
Prior to this series, he was best known as a talented-if-lazy player who tended to disappear when it counted.
About the only one who believed in him was Tampa GM Jay Feaster. He always made a big deal about not trading Lecavalier &#151 even when Lecavalier was asking to be traded.
Feaster is looking pretty smart, even as Lecavalier and the Lightning couldn’t clinch against the Flyers last night.
Lecavalier is playing the hockey of his career.
Obviously his goal-scoring is helpful. But he’s also been mean and physical, too.
When Lecavalier was drafted, everyone imagined him as an Eric Lindrosy power forward. It looks like he’s finally turning into that projection.
Finally. After five preseasons of stories about how ‘This will be Lecavalier’s breakout year.’