Flames Need to Keep Tampa Cool

Wow. If we could somehow get the Calgary Flames from Tuesday night playing the Tampa Lightning from last night, we’d have quite a game.
The Lightning beat the Flames 4-1 in game two.
The game was a lot closer than the score would indicate, though. It was 1-0 Tampa until into the third. And Tampa’s first period goal from Ruslan Fedotenko was a crazy rebound that Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff had no chance to stop.
The big problem for Calgary was the third, when Kiprusoff surrendered three goals in like three minutes. Tampa was swarming, coming at him from every angle. It was overload. Vincent Lecavalier and Brad Richards seemed telepathic.
It’s crazy how neither team is really dominant, though. The series could truly go either way. Kiprusoff went cold for five minutes last night and he cost his team the game. Tampa’s Nikolai Khabibulin was off Tuesday and he cost his team the game. The Flames should worry about Martin St. Louis and Lecavalier getting even more comfortable as the series progresses, though. If those two both get fired up, which hasn’t really happened at the same time this series, the Flames are screwed.
Oh. And in case you didn’t know, this is the most exciting Stanley Cup matchup in 10 years.
Oh. And here’s a cool AP story about how the Flames are built from Penguin parts. I had no idea.