Got Tongue?

So you’re going to a Stanley Cup finals game. You’re excited. You’re pumped. You’re psyched.
What are you going to bring with you?
Of course. Who can afford to eat in any kind of arena.
A flask.
Sure. You gotta get your booze on. And beers are like $10.
Forget anything else?
Maybe a red jersey?
Sure. Show your colors. That’s a good idea.
Are we set?
Hmmmm. Wait. Let me think.
OK. One more thing.
A tongue.
A Flames fan through a cow’s tongue at the officials Monday night.
I understand throwing a tongue in anger, in a way. I get mad. I throw meat. I just don’t understand bringing a tongue, in case you have to throw it in anger. Like, did they bring it to the Flames’ game three win and not throw it?
If the Stanley Cup finals ever come around here, I’m bringing a lamb’s head. Just in case.