Fraser Layoff?

Wow. The NHL is actually thinking about not letting Kerry Fraser work Saturday’s game six.
Fraser was last seen reffing game four, where he enforced the rules rather aggressively. In fact, the whole series has been called kind of intensely. I feel like the first four games were an extended power play. The teams aren’t playing any nastier than normal, either. It just seems like the league is really worried about fights or bruises or something.
It’s pretty crazy that the league would pull Fraser. It’s admitting they didn’t like the way Fraser called game four. That seems pretty dangerous. The league can never back down from the officiating, or the integrity of the games instantly is called into question. And it’s not like Fraser is some kind of anonymous zebra. He’s one of the most visible officials in the game, if not sports. Everyone knows Fraser and his helmet hair.
Fraser’s got to work game six. At this point, it’s not about his abilities. If he doesn’t and Calgary ends up losing the Cup, everyone’s going to be screaming ‘ripoff.’ Everyone thinks refs suck. You don’t want the league confirming it, though.