Flame Pressure

How much of this year’s Stanley Cup finals has been played off the ice? Calgary coach Darryl Sutter talking about anti-Canadian conspiracies. And Tampa coach John Tortorella talking about how tough it would be for Calgary to win on home ice.
I kind of agree with him, though. Calgary was under incredible pressure. When the entire Saddledome started screaming along with “Oh, Canada” you kind of felt what they were up against. They didn’t have to just win a game. They had to recapture the soul of Canada for the rest of the country. It would have made me tense. And while Calgary played fine, they didn’t have their usual playful edge. They were pretty obviously thinking about the implications of a win and of a loss.
Maybe their heads will be calmer in Florida, where many people are unaware of what hockey even is. There’s a lot less pressure for the Bolts, there.