Andreychuck Cautiously Happy

Do I even need to say that Tampa won the Stanley Cup?
Well just in case, I will.
Tampa won the Stanley Cup.
Or, conversely, if your Cup is half empty, Calgary lost the Cup.
It was a pretty dull series, which I’ll go over later in the week. But to be perfectly honest, even Tampa didn’t look too excited about winning the Cup. Look at this picture of Dave Andreychuck hoisting the Cup after 22 years of not ending the season on a winning note.
He looks glad, but hardly ecstatic.
Now look at Ray Bourque, who also went 22 years without a Cup, skating with it.
Not that those photos really prove anything conclusive. Tampa played a smart, if safe and dull series and deserved the Cup. They just didn’t seem horribly relieved or light-hearted after their win.
They must be a bunch of serious guys.
Or maybe it’s the humidity in the St. Pete Times Forum.