Brooks: ‘Bribe Coaches for Offense’

Larry Brooks has a throw-away suggestion that’s really kind of interesting.
In Sunday’s NHL column, he suggested the NHL create an award for the team with the most goals in a season. He recommends a huge bonus for the coach of the team, too. This way, coaches will have some incentive to coach offensively.
It’s simple as hell to do and it might really increase the tempo of games. And you don’t have to create new rules or lines or equipment or anything.
Oh. And on a semi-related note, in the sense that Brooks’ writes for the New York Post and the Rangers are a New York team, game seven of the 1994 Stanley Cup finals are on MSG tonight (Monday).
If your cable system gets MSG, check it out. If it doesn’t, your options are kind of limited. I’m sure there’s a LAW & ORDER: SOMETHING SOMETHING on somewhere, though.