No Hockey, No Announcers

I’m trying not to write about the upcoming lockout, but it’s kind of hard. There’s so much stuff tied up in it.
Like what about the announcers.
In Philadelphia, it seems the broadcast teams aren’t getting their contracts renewed if there’s a strike (;p:philly).
The Flyers said they’re trying to shift people to protect as many jobs as possible, but you can only protect so many jobs. The rest of the people who work NHL games are pretty screwed.
Flyer producer Bryan Cooper told the Philadelphia Inquirer about surviving the 1994-95 lockout: “I nearly got killed in ’94. I nearly went bankrupt. I don’t know whether we’re pawns or a sign that the owners are serious. I’m not sure. But from what I understand, they have no positive sign that a deal is going to get done in time.”
It’s pretty crappy to work in hockey right now. For players and owners and everyone else associated with the game.