Flyer Class=Bear Wings

Wow. It must be fun to work for the Flyers.
If you’re part of the broadcast team, they tell you they can’t sign you to a contract until the lockout is settled (see below).
Then they sign Keith Primeau to a $17 million, 4-year deal (login info here).
I’m very, very shocked the Flyers could find the money for Primeau and not find a small portion of that to support the people that support the players.
The Flyers are going to try and sign Alex Zhamnov next. Zhamnov, while a great Flyer, came over in a trade toward the end of this season. So it’s not like he has a history with the team. You know. Like the support staff did.
And to be honest, I don’t think the Flyers would have even made Primeau an offer if he hadn’t had such an amazing playoffs. Before the playoffs, he hadn’t been a true on-ice force in quite some time.
So the Flyers are taking really good care of the millionaire players they’re getting ready to lockout. It’s just everyone else in the organization they’re going to punish.
Pure class.