Hasek Fever

Am I the only one shocked that suddenly every team wants Dominik Hasek?
Ottawa has been rumored to be hot for Hasek for quite some time. But now the Ottawa Sun is saying some other teams, including the Canucks, Rangers, Kings and Blues, are warm for Dom’s form.
Hasek looked horrible last season. You know. When he actually played. And to sign him with the chance of a lockout, when he won’t play even longer? It just seems crazy. It’s such a huge risk. If I’m a GM looking for a goalie, I’d rather grab a Byron Dafoe or an Arturs Irbe than a Hasek. At least those guys are a bit healthier.
I’m actually shocked the Red Wings aren’t trying to deal Curtis Joseph again, though. They spent so much time screwing him over this season. It seems like it would be a hard habit for them to break.