Brett Hull Not Following in Father’s Footsteps

This is a little interesting.
Knight Ridder has a pretty run-of-the mill interview with Bobby Hull, talking up the WHA.
But in the interview, Hull says he doubts his son Brett will join the WHA.
The reason?
“[Brett] has a mandate to become the second-highest goal scorer. He’s not going to burn any bridges in case the lockout is short so he can continue to pursue that record.”
“That record” is passing Gordie Howe on the career goals list. He’s just 60 away from passing Howe and moving into second place.
Brett Hull would be such a great WHA personality, though. He’s so sassy and outspoken. But if the league was made up of too many guys like Hull and Jeremy Roenick, the whole thing could degenerate into the XFL &#151 all trash talk.
In fact, if no one else has the name, I’m going to suggest Roenick change his to Me Skate Me.
I’m so curious if the WHA will even get off the ground, though. I don’t even know what to root for.