Carolina Goalies Up

It’s pretty interesting how active some teams are in terms of signing players and moving things along. Almost as if they don’t think they’ll be a lockout next season.
Take Carolina, for instance.
First they unload Arturs Irbe to Columbus.
Then they pick up Martin Gerber from Anaheim (giving the Ducks defenseman Tomas Malec and a third-round pick in the upcoming draft).
Gerber is good, if a bit of an unknown as a starter, where Carolina is probably hoping to use him. Anaheim is probably trying to shed payroll. Otherwise why give up a strong goalie like Gerber? Especially when starter Jean-Sebastien Giguere had a bit of a tough season (not all of which was his fault). I’d want to keep my options open if I were running the Ducks.
And what about Kevin Weekes, Carolina’s top goalie?
He (and perennial trade bait Jeff O’Neill) could soon be traded since they’re eligible for salary arbitration this summer.
And that my friends, is how you maintain cost-certainty.