Columbus Discovers an Announcer, Too

First Columbus picks up a goalie.
Now what?
How about an announcer (login info.).
Columbus grabbed TV announcer Jeff Rimer from the Florida Panthers.
Why the switch?
Columbus is willing to pay more of his salary in case of an NHL lockout. Also, his daughter works for the Blue Jackets.
Rimer’s partner Denis Potvin, the Islander hero, also wasn’t re-signed by the Panthers. Potvin said he wants to come back to the Panthers. Me? I think Potvin should come back to New York and call Islander games. He’s a great announcer. He worked some early round post-season games for ESPN and I loved him before I even realized who he was.
That’s the thing about the threat of a lockout, though. There’s a lot of great talent, on- and off-ice, up for grabs.
Also, I wonder if Marv Albert would want to pick up some hockey work. He’s also up for grabs.