Geezer Leafs

Geez. What’s with the Leafs?
With a lockout looming, they’re spending all of their resources, both time and money, trying to re-sign Gary Roberts, Joe Nieuwendyk and Ed Belfour.
Their combined age?
I’m all for honoring loyalty and experience, but wouldn’t it make more sense to try and sign or find players who have more long term potential.
Sure the Leafs made it deep into this season’s playoffs, but guys like Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk aren’t going to get any more talented.
And goalie Eddie Belfour, who had a fantastic year, is looking for a multi-year deal.
Does anyone else remember how Belfour struggled before he left Dallas? The Leafs have got to be a little nervous that a streaky goalie on the cusp of 40 is their best hope in nets.
Not only that, but if the NHL were to go with a $31 million salary cap, which many say is what the owners want from the players, the Leafs would already be over, without Roberts, Nieuwendyk or Belfour signed.
Oh well.
At least coach Pat Quinn looks good.