Detroit Wants It All

I hadn’t heard the rumor that the Wings were going after Washington’s top pick in the draft, but it doesn’t matter anyway since apparently it’s not true.
How crazy would it be if the Wings, the kind of big-budget team the rest of the league seems to hate, went after a top draft pick? All small-market teams have is the draft. The draft is the big equalizer for crappy teams. If Detroit had corrupted that sacred right of hopelesss teams to draft first, owners would have flipped out. I would do it, just to see what happens.
Actually, I feel like Detroit might trying to break into the Shaquille O’Neal sweepstakes. They could stand some size down the middle.
Speaking of the draft, Jes Gõlbez has an interesting post on scouting reports.
And on a totally unrelated note, it seems Teemu Selanne is trying to sign with the Phoenix Coyotes. After his horrible season, am I the only one who thinks he doesn’t have the right to pick a team? I know it’s irrational, but I just feel that only successful players have the right to pick their teams.