Dallas Can’t Hem (and Haw) Over A-Line

OK. This is what I’ve taken to thinking about lately.
The Stars just re-signed Jason Arnott, right?
Yeah. They did. Trust me.
And it seems like the Stars are going to unload Bill Guerin.
Still with me?
Now out in Anaheim, the Ducks are always looking to shed salary, it seems, so Petr Sykora is supposedly on the block.
So why doesn’t Dallas go after Sykora and play him with Arnott. The two played together on New Jersey’s famous A-Line (along with Patrik Elias, who’s still in New Jersey, and probably not for sale, but who knows?). Maybe the two could rediscover some of their magic in Dallas? It’s not like the Stars were such an offensive powerhouse this season. It would be a very cool experiment.
Dang I need to be a GM somewhere.
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