Vancouver Returns Sanderson

Back in March, which feels like years ago to me, for some reason, I wondered about the backdoor deals that teams made before the deadline. Like supposedly Vancouver had agreed to place Geoff Sanderson on waivers after the season. Columbus could then re-claim the big left-winger.
I wondered if the deal was written down anywhere, and if it would still be honored if Canuck GM Brian Burke ended up leaving Vancouver.
Well Burke left the Canucks, but apparently someone else in Vancouver remembered the agreement.
Columbus re-claimed Sanderson on waivers.
I wonder if they ever even cleaned out his locker back in Columbus.
If I were Sanderson, I’d feel pretty cheap. It’s one thing for a team to rent a player for the playoffs. But to actually return the rental? He’s like bowling shoes.
I hope he’s not too banged up. Vancouver doesn’t want to lose their security deposit on him.